Menu-related Functions (Magic xpa 2.x)

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Menu-related Functions (Magic xpa 2.x)

Magic xpa provides a number of functions to help you work with menus.

The menu-related functions are as follows:

Menu – Returns the menu path that leads to the current program.

MenuIdx – Returns the index of a menu structure entry, using the menu entry name.

MnuCheck – Displays or hides a check mark in front of a menu entry.

MnuEnabl – Enables or disables a menu entry.

MnuName – Sets the menu entry text of a selected menu.

MnuShow – Hides or shows a menu entry.

Additional menu-related functions let you dynamically add menus to the menu structure.

The functions are as follows:

MnuAdd – Enables you to dynamically add a menu structure to the current runtime pulldown menu structure.

MnuRemove – Enables you to dynamically remove a menu structure from the current runtime pulldown menu structure.

MnuReset – Restores the default pulldown menu structure.


You should not use the Menu functions in parallel batch programs.