Menu Repository (Magic xpa 2.x)

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Menu Repository (Magic xpa 2.x)

You can access the Menu repository by selecting Menus from the Project menu, pressing Shift+F6, or clicking Menus in the Navigator pane.

The Menu repository contains one default pulldown menu structure, which cannot be deleted from the Menu repository.

For every new project, Magic xpa generates a set of default pulldown menus, including File, Edit, Options, and Help menus, with all the basic options a Runtime application needs. You can then change, delete, or extend these default menus.

The Menu repository contains the following columns:




This read-only column contains an automatically generated sequential number used by Magic xpa as a menu identifier.

Menu Name

The Menu Name column contains the logical name of the menu structure.

Entry Name

This column is used by various Magic xpa menu-related functions to control the menu's display.

The Entry Name column gives you control over the display of the menu. This Entry Name provides you with the capability of using various Magic xpa functions, such as MnuEnable, to define the entries available in the pulldown menu.

By using the Entry Name from the top-level Menu repository, you can hide an entire menu.


  • You should provide a unique name for this property in order to use the functionality to its fullest.

  • The backslash character (\) denotes a menu path and is therefore not valid when used as part of an entry name. For more information, see the Setting Up a Menu Path topic.

You can design your project to have up to ten levels of pulldown menus, including the menu bar as the top level. The menu bar entries are displayed when the user selects the application in Runtime mode. For most projects, you would probably have at least one menu entry that has a program name and connects the menu to an entry in the Program repository.

You can define a toolbar button as a shortcut to any pulldown menu option.

In the Menu repository you can define additional menu structures that will be available throughout your project. You can include up to 9,999 menu entries.

The type of menu is determined by the context in which the menu is used.

For example:

  • If you select the Default Pulldown menu option from the Context Menu property of a task's form, then the Default Pulldown menu will be displayed as a context menu.

  • If you add a menu entry to the Pulldown menu, it is displayed as part of the Pulldown menu in runtime

You can zoom from each menu structure entry in the Menu repository to a Menu Definition repository and define the specific menus and their options for each menu structure. You can define up to ten menu levels for each menu structure.

Entries in the Menu repository are either default or user-defined menu structures.

Magic xpa provides you with the ability to add menus that are specific to a particular program and its subprograms. For more information, see the Program Menu Support topic.

Platform specific: A new project is created with a Default Pulldown menu, which is designed for an MDI application. Since there is no MDI on mobile devices, it is recommended to remove this default entry when developing a mobile application.

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