Menu Definition Repository (Magic xpa 2.x)

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Menu Definition Repository (Magic xpa 2.x)

You can zoom from each menu structure entry in the Menu repository to a Menu Definition repository and define the specific menus and their options for each menu structure. You can define up to ten menu levels for each menu structure.

The Menu Definition repository contains the following columns:




This read-only column contains an automatically generated sequential number used by Magic xpa as an identifier.

Entry Type

Determines the menu entry action. For the available options, click here.

Entry Text

What you enter in the Entry Text column becomes the text entries that the end users see displayed in the menu at runtime.

For a pulldown menu at the top level, the name in the Entry Text column will appear on the menu bar. For pulldown submenu levels and for all context menu levels, the name in the Entry Text column becomes a menu option that invokes a submenu, a related display, or an action.

You can specify an access key for any level pulldown or context menu by putting an ampersand (&) before the letter to be underlined. When the menu is displayed at runtime, typing the underlined letter selects the menu option. For example: The &File menu entry can be selected using the Alt+F key combination.

Entry Name

This column is for the logical name of the menu entry itself. This name is not displayed to the end user, but it can be used by menu-related functions.

Menu Parameters

Each parameter category in the Params column is associated with one menu entry. This property is different for each entry type. You can zoom from the Params column to access the menu definition of that entry and see the next submenu level in the menu hierarchy. For the available options, click here.

Menu Access Key

The Acc Key column displays the shortcut key as it appears in the Key column of the Keyboard Mapping repository.

If you want to change the access key, you need to change the Key column in the Keyboard Mapping repository.

Zoom from this column and press the key combination that you want to set as the entry access key.

This column is enabled for Program, OS Command, and Event entry types.

See also How Do I Set an Accelerator for a Menu Entry?