Entry Type (Magic xpa 2.x)

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Entry Type (Magic xpa 2.x)

This entry determines the menu entry action. The options are:


The parameter column will contain a program number from the Program repository. The corresponding program name will appear on the menu. When selected by the end user at runtime, this program will be executed.

OS Command

The parameter column will contain an operating system command. When selected by the end user at runtime, this command will be executed.

In Rich Client tasks, the OS command runs on the client-side only.


The parameter column will contain a Magic xpa system, Internal or User event. When selected by the end user at runtime, the function associated with this Magic xpa internal event will be executed. When you select the Event menu type, you can then zoom to the Event dialog box and select one of the following options:

  • System – Events triggered by defined keystroke combinations specified in Keyboard Mapping Settings

  • Internal – Events selected from the Internal Events list.

  • User – Events specified as User-Defined Events.
    The Expose property must be selected in the Event repository for the Main Program in the host project to let programs from other components call a user event handler from the host project.


If the event is from a component, then the component already has to be loaded when using this menu entry in a Rich Client task.


The resulting menu will contain a horizontal line at this position. For context menus only.


Contains a submenu.

Platform specific: On mobile devices, the Menu entry type is not supported. Only the first level menu is supported.

Window List

The menu will appear as a Window menu. Displays a list of active programs with the Show in Window Menu property set to Yes.

This menu type is not supported in Rich Client tasks.